Studio Rental Rates as of January 1st, 2023

Low-cost rental + Lighting included + Professional location = Best studio rental in South Jersey
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These rates are for a single photographer, one assistant and no more than 3 models. These rates are not intended for events, workshops or commercial shoots.

Studio rents at $55 per hour with a 2-hour minimum rental. Rental includes the use of all studio lighting, triggers, 2 seamless paper backdrops (currently over 12 colors) and the entire studio space is yours to shoot, and setup as needed (Studio owner/manager will be available during rental period).

2 hrs.= $110.00
3 hrs.= $165.00
4 hrs.= $220.00
5 hrs.= $275.00
6 hrs.= $330.00
7 hrs.= $385.00
8 hrs.= $440.00

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Events, Workshops and shoots for commercial use or shoots that include more than 5 people are approved on a case-by-case basis and priced as follows:

Booked at $75.00 per hour. Additional fees for more than 1 photographer.

2 hrs. $150.00
3 hrs. $225.00
4 hrs. $300.00
5 hrs. $375.00
6 hrs. $450.00
7 hrs. $525.00
8 hrs. $600.00

Use of our in-studio lighting provided at no additional charge.

Monthly Membership Programs

We also offer a monthly membership program that gives you access to the studio from 5-20 hours per month. These memberships require a 6 MONTH AGREEMENT.. Payments for monthly memberships are due on the 1st of each month and run from the 1st to the last day of the month (payment paid on the 1st of every month not 3 months up front). Membership agreement explains details further.

5 Hours for $175 per Month = $35.00 per hr.
10 Hours for $275 per Month = $27.50 per hr.
15 Hours for $350 per Month = $23.33 per hr.
20 Hours for $425 per Month = $21.25 per hr.
30 Hours for $450 per Month = $15.00 per hr. (Currently not offered)
40 Hours for $500 per Month = $12.50 per hr. (Currently not offered)

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